Shift Change Checklist


 Wash Dirty Dishes
 Make sure Frothing Pitchers, Shakers, Blenders, and Utensils are clean.
 Check to make sure Coffee Pots are full
 Check Half &Half in Mini Fridge. Wipe Down Mini Fridge With Sanitizer
 Sanitize Counter Tops and Bar Top
 Sanitize/Windex All Tables in Dining Area.
 Pick Up Trash in Dining Aera On or Under Couches or Along Mirror.
 Straighten Furniture in Dining Area
 Sanitize Condiment Stand
 Place All Dirty Towels in Dirty Towel Bin and Replace with Clean Towels
 Empty and Refill Sinks
 Check Bathroom is Clean and Stocked with Soap, Paper Towels and Toilet Paper.


 Restock Espresso in Espresso Hoppers
 Restock Coffee in Coffee Jars
 Restock Milk

When restocking milk rotate it so the lower dates are in the front.

 Restock Pre-Made Sandwichs
 Restock Scones
 Restock Bagels
 Restock Muffins
 Restock Sweet Breads
 Restock Other Pastries

Restock pastry case with items from big fridge, wrap items if needed for stocking. Place newest items towards the front of the case.

 Restock Sandwich Bread in Sandwich Cooler

Extra bread to stock the sandwich cooler is in the freezer.

 Restock Cups
 Restock Lids
 Restock Napkins
 Restock Items in Plastic Silverware Holders
 Restock Condiment Bar

Sugar & non-dairy creamer jars, sweeteners, honey, napkins, etc.


 Bring in Dishes and Trash on Front and Back Patio


 Breakdown Cardboard Boxes and Set by Back Door


 Empty Dining Room Trash
 Empty Behind Counter and Under Counter Trash

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