Inman Park Opening Checklist


Make Iced Coffee

Please make sure we have Iced Coffee at all times.
3 Pounds of house coffee (ground course)
1 gallon + 2.5 QT filter Water from the sink next to the Ice Machine

1. Place round filter in the bottom of the plastic container (make sure the little piece of fabric is visible)
2. Place the big coffee filter, add coffee grounds
3. Place lid with the holes upside down and add water
4. Place Lid with holes in the right position to close the container

*** If using the Cloth filter ...Please DO NOT throw away.

Drain Iced Coffee

Please follow formula for concentrate / water mixture.
*** If using the Cloth filter ...Please DO NOT throw away.

Opening Checklist:

Brew Morning Coffee

Brew a dark roast, light roast, medium roast, house and decaf.

Take chairs off of tables
Put cash drawer in Register
Check Hummus & Spreads
Turn on Open Sign (Front Window)
Fill up Ice water
Turn on Grill
Start Sanitizer bucket.
Fill Up 4 compartment sinks
Fill up Half & Half for Self Service Area
Check Self Service Area is fully stocked.
Pastries stock and put away
Check Thermostats are correct temperature


Take Lids off of the Ice Cream Containers
Scrape Down Sides of Ice Cream Containers

CLEANING (before your shift ends):

Dust Retail Area and Shelves
Wash and Dry Dishes
Make sure Frothing Pitchers, Shakers, Blenders, and Utensils are clean and put away.
Clean Counters
Clean Undercounter Refridgerator

Wipe down top and sides. Please clean up any spilled milk in refrigerator.

Clean tables.
Windex front of the pastry case and drink case.
Straighten Furniture
Sweep and Mop Behind Counter

Be sure to sweep and mop under the tea cart and the undercounter milk refrigerator; in the kitchen area mop and sweep under the stainless steel table and the sandwich refrigerator.

Empty Behind Counter Trash
Empty Self serve Undercounter Trash
Empty Large kitchen Trash


Restock Milk

When restocking milk rotate it so the lower dates are in the front.

Restock Bagels
Restock Muffins

Restock pastry case with muffins from big fridge, also restock bagel fridge with bagels from freezer.

Restock Cookies
Restock Pastries
Restock Drink Case

Please make sure there are 6 of each type.

Restock Cups
Restock Lids
Restock Condiments

Sugar, sweeteners, honey, etc.

Restock Napkins
Restock silverware in self service area


Pastry Case

Ice Cream Stand

Undercounter Milk

Undercounter Sandwich

Big Freezer

Ice Cream Freezer (small glass top)

Big Milk Fridge

Bagel Fridge

Iced Coffee Fridge

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