Inman Park Closing Checklist


Make Iced Coffee

Please make sure we have Iced Coffee at all times.
3 Pounds of house coffee (ground course)
1 gallon + 2.5 QT filter Water from the sink next to the Ice Machine

1. Place round filter in the bottom of the plastic container (make sure the little piece of fabric is visible)
2. Place the big coffee filter, add coffee grounds
3. Place lid with the holes upside down and add water
4. Place Lid with holes in the right position to close the container

*** If using the Cloth filter ...Please DO NOT throw away.

Drain Iced Coffee Concentrate

Please follow formula for concentrate / water mixture.
*** If using the Cloth filter ...Please DO NOT throw away.


Scrape Down Sides of Ice Cream Containers
Put Lids on Ice Cream Containers


Wash and Dry Dishes
Make sure Frothing Pitchers, Shakers, Blenders, and Utensils are clean and put away.
Wash and Dry Coffee Pots
Clean Counters
Empty sanitizer bucket if water is dirty.
Clean Undercounter Refrigerator
Clean tables.
Clean Espresso Machine

Backflush and rinse each grouphead. Use blank basket (no holes) inside one of the portafilter handles and a 1/2 teaspoon of Cafiza per grouphead. Activate the pump and "brew" for 10 seconds, then let rest for 5 seconds to allow foam to expand. Repeat 2 to 3 times. Rinse blank filter completely. Brew for 5 seconds, remove portafilter, and discard water. Repeat 3 times or until water is clear and free of Cafiza and coffee. Before serving the first shot of espresso from each group head, pull a sacrificial shot of espresso to season each group head.

Straighten Furniture
Sweep and Mop Behind Counter
Sweep and Mop Dining Area
Clean Sidewalk Tables and Chairs
Close Patio Umbrellas
Empty Grounds from Espresso Grinders
Clean and Turn Off Grill
Empty Sinks
Empty Coffee Grounds
Empty Dining Room Trash
Empty Women's Bathroom Room Trash
Empty Men's Bathroom Room Trash
Empty Behind Counter Trash
Empty Large kitchen Trash
Empty Self serve Undercounter Trash
Clean Bathrooms

sweep, mop, wipe down mirrors, sinks, and toilets

Clean creamer pitchers

Let creamer pitchers soak in sanitizr water over night


Restock Milk

When restocking milk rotate it so the lower dates are in the front.

Restock Bagels
Restock Muffins

Restock pastry case with muffins from big fridge.

Restock Cookies
Restock Pastries
Restock Cups
Restock Lids
Restock Condiments

Sugar, sweeteners, honey, etc.

Restock Napkins
Restock silverware at Self Service Area
Restock Drink Case
Put bagels, muffins, and panini bread in cooler.


Whole Milk

Skim Milk

Soy Milk




Pastry Case

Ice Cream Stand

Undercounter Milk

Undercounter Sandwich

Big Freezer

Ice Cream Freezer (small glass top)

Big Milk Fridge

Bagel Fridge

Iced Coffee Fridge


Complete End of Day Procedure on the Register
Put cash drawer and deposite envelope in office


Turn Off Open Sign (front window)
Turn Off Lights
Lock Front Door
Lock Back Door

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