Whole Bean Coffee

Fill your home or office with the wonderful aroma and taste of Inman Perk Coffees!!  Our beans are carefully selected from the most sought after Arabica beans.  Shipped to our roaster Stockton Graham & Co. as green beans and specially roasted to suit each bean’s flavor profile.  We provide a wide range of single origin coffees as well as masterful blends.  Each selection can be packaged as whole beans or ground to your preference.  Each shipment of coffee we receive is roasted to order, meaning you will get the freshest most delicious coffee that has been roasted no more than a week prior.  While we don’t stock every blend or brew at all times, we are glad to take your requests and provide an exact match to what you are looking for.

  • Emilia Espresso – The light roast really sets Emilia apart, giving the blend a buttery body and fully sweet flavor that complements milk. Hints of berries and semisweet dark chocolate emerge in the aftertaste, especially in straight shots.
  • Black & Tan Blend – Some people prefer light-roasted coffees, some prefer dark. Black & Tan can help you cover all your bases, especially hard-to-please in-betweeners. This blend offers the best of both worlds… The intriguing aroma of chocolate and subtle spice draws you into this perfect blend of light roasted Brazil and dark roasted Colombian Supremo.  This blend provides the best of two distinct roasting levels, the deep flavor and fragrance of the dark roast, and the light sweetness and tangy, medium acidity of a lighter profile.  Luscious caramels complimented by mild spicy notes with a smooth, silky body are the cornerstone of this blend.
  • French Roast – Coffee drinkers have come to expect French Roast blends wherever they go, so it’s key that your French Roast has a je ne sais quoi that sets it apart. Our French roast is a dark-roasted blend of Central American coffees. This blend has a smooth, inky body and subtle flavor. Though a dark roast, its notable acidity resonates through the flavor profile, brightening towards the end of the tasting experience.
  • Southern Comfort – Southern Comfort is a blend of our French Roast and several other top-secret origins that capture the warmth and flavor of the Southern climate and hospitality. It features a heavy body with a sweet spot of caramel followed by a nuanced, fruity-tasting finish. Paired with a warm, oven-fresh treat, it’s perfect for weathering the wintry North (or the company of a frigid Northerner). The unique varietals and differing roast levels of this blend perform beautifully together ensuring that each time you reach for a cup of Southern Comfort, you feel totally at home.
  • Breakfast Blend – Our Breakfast blend was one of the first blends we developed for a specialty bakery to compliment their morning offerings. This lighter roasted blend packs a nice punch. Its nutty flavor pops bright and shiny as the sunrise, and its neat body and finish complement breakfast instead of overpowering it. This blend is great with warm waffles and maple syrup or a classic American breakfast of bacon and eggs.
  • Brazil Alta Mogiana – While there are a lot of coffees to choose from in Brazil, we chose this particular bean for its sweet flavor profile, creamy body and mild acidity. This is a great coffee to introduce to people who typically do not drink specialty coffee because of its mild flavor profile.
  • Costa Rica Tarrazu Prusia – Costa Rican coffees are often hallmarked by their bright, clean acidity, and mellow flavor. But this coffee adds a little something to that sought after profile. The acidity doesn’t hit your tongue right at first; it crescendos as you get deep into the tasting, and towards the end, becomes almost tangy. But, the most interesting thing is the sweet toasted marshmallow aroma and the sweet, subtle chocolate and cinnamon flavor.
  • Guatemala Coban La Cascada – The acidity in this coffee is present, but it isn’t the first thing you notice, rather it is a nicely balanced acidity that provides support for chocolate malt, sweet citrus and berry flavors in the cup. The body is soft but present, and provides the canvas for the amazing sweet aftertaste.
  • Kenya AA – This particular coffee stood out easily on our cupping table. From the intoxicating tropical fruit aromas, to the balanced lemon acidity and the inherent sweetness of the cup, this is truly an amazing coffee find.
  • Sumatra Lintong – An intoxicating blend of chocolate notes and deep spices resonates throughout this earthy varietal. A nicely muted acidity creates a very full-flavored and heavy taste experience with notes of dry baker’s chocolate rounding out each sip.
  • Tanzania Peaberry – This East African varietal is a true gem. What makes it different from most peaberries is the fact that it not only possesses the bright, tangy acidity throughout the taste profile, it also has impressive soft, fruit notes and a relatively creamy body, which perfectly balances the acidity level. For an eye-opening, taste bud-popping experience, this unique coffee is a must have.