Closing Checklist

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Scrape Down Sides of Ice Cream Containers
Put Lids on Ice Cream Containers
Put Away Soup and Turn Off/Un-plug Crock Pot

Place soup inside fridge so it is not touching any other items.


Wash Dirty Dishes
Make sure Frothing Pitchers, Shakers, Blenders, and Utensils are clean and put away.
Empty and Wash Coffee Ground Knock Boxes
Sweep Up Grounds Around and On Espresso Grinders
Clean and Turn Off Grill
Sanitize Inside of Microwave
Wash Coffee Pots

Empty coffee and rinse each coffee earn. If needed clean with Cafiza and rinse thoroughly. Do not get the earn's inside temperature reader wet.

Clean Espresso Machine

Backflush and rinse each grouphead. Use blank basket (no holes) inside one of the portafilter handles and a 1/2 teaspoon of Cafiza per grouphead. Activate the pump and "brew" for 10 seconds, then let rest for 5 seconds to allow foam to expand. Repeat 2 to 3 times. Rinse blank filter completely. Brew for 5 seconds, remove portafilter, and discard water. Repeat 3 times or until water is clear and free of Cafiza and coffee. Before serving the first shot of espresso from each group head, pull a sacrificial shot of espresso to season each group head.

Take Half and Half Out of Mini Fridge and Put it Back in the Undrecounter Fridge. Wipe Down Mini Fridge With Sanitizer
Sanitize Counter Tops and Bar Top

Wash tray under the chocolate and caramel sauces. Pull out undercounter fridges and wipe off the tops of them. Be sure to clean up any sticky messes and put away all food.

Sanitize Undercounter Refrigerators: Glass Doors, Inside and Tops.
Sanitize/Windex All Tables in Dining Area.
Pick Up Trash in Dining Aera On or Under Couches or Along Mirror.
Straighten Furniture in Dining Area
Sanitize Condiment Stand
Empty and Wash Water Container & Tray on Condiment Stand.
Sweep and Mop Dining Area
Sweep and Mop Behind Counter
Sweep and Mop Bathroom, Hall and Area by Safe

Sweep well beside trash cans including under counter trash.

Place All Dirty Towels in Dirty Towel Bin
Empty Sinks
Empty Sanitizer Bucket


Restock Espresso in Espresso Hoppers
Restock Coffee in Coffee Jars
Restock Milk

When restocking milk rotate it so the lower dates are in the front.

Restock Pre-Made Sandwichs
Restock Scones
Restock Bagels
Restock Muffins
Restock Sweet Breads
Restock Other Pastries

Restock pastry case with items from big fridge, wrap items if needed for stocking. Place newest items towards the front of the case.

Restock Sandwich Bread in Sandwich Cooler

Extra bread to stock the sandwich cooler is in the freezer.

Restock Cups
Restock Lids
Restock Napkins
Restock Items in Plastic Silverware Holders
Restock Condiment Bar

Sugar & non-dairy creamer jars, sweeteners, honey, napkins, etc.


Sweep Up Trash on Front Patio
Sweep Up Trash on Back Patio
Bring in Sidewalk Tables and Chairs


Breakdown Cardboard Boxes and Set by Back Door
Rinse Glass Bottles and Set by Backdoor


Empty Dining Room Trash
Empty Bathroom Room Trash
Empty Back Patio Trash
Empty Behind Counter Trash
Empty Cigarette Bucket
Pack Down Dumpster So Lids Will Close

Please make sure lid on dumpster outside is closed. If dumpster is to full try putting trash in the back compartment. Close lids as much as possible the garbage men will not pick it up if the lids are open.


Complete End of Day Procedure on the Register
Put Cash Drawer and Deposit Envelope in Dumbwaiter


Walk Through and Make Sure All Refrigerator, Pastry Case And Ice-cream Case Doors are Shut Tight
Turn Off Lights
Lock Back Gate
Lock Back Door
Do Not Forget to Lock Front Door and Gate While Exiting

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