September Artist Carlos Solis

Posted on September 17, 2011

Inman Perk Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with artist Carlos Solis, a native of Venezuela.

Surreal Reality – paintings on canvas and panel. Media:  oil and polymer acrylic.

“In my infinite world of imagination, I try to convey and stimulate the mythic and spiritual elements of visual expression.  My artistic passion begins with magnificent elements of nature – fauna and flora; natural beauty involves its selective conditions.  For example, the majestic animals of the Amazon and the indigenous people of my homeland of Venezuela, the Guajiros, are often featured within my paintings,

I always try to expand my work to other areas of reality and with spiritual meaning.  Therefore, I have a tendency to go from one extreme to another in order to explore.  I strive to show a range of styles and technique, and express the most beautiful delicate components of life within a complex and strange art.

Fortunately, I have known the pleasure and opportunity to experience the richness of many cultures in both South and North Americas.  That allows me to further expand my imagination.  It also helps me to understand the difference and similarity of both worlds.  my work reflects a distinct artistic perception gained from those exotic experiences.  Vivid colors and physical details make something visually pleasing, and sometimes grotesque or unfamiliar to look at.  Furthermore, I try to advance awareness and to express an opinion bout our delicate habitat and lack of knowledge about cultural diversity in Latin America.