Ulli Chamberlain Art at Inman Perk Gainesville

Posted on April 4, 2011

“Draw From Within”

Inman Perk Gainesville is proud to have Ulli Chamberlain as our artist for the month of April.

“I grew up in Germany as a teenager through World War II.  Of course that had an impact on my psyche; as well as artist – I am a peacenik! As a young woman, the amazing place for my training in ceramics…one of the oldest professions…was in a beautiful studio on the woods near Kassel, the big workshop of ceramic sculptor Rolf Weber.  Henner Brown, our master potter, taught me as one of three apprentices-in-training; and so began my initiation as a potter.

After three years of art training I emigrated to the U.S.A., where I could live and create in freedom.  After a college education in Buffalo, N.Y. and then working as a professional art therapist, I got involved in painting with bright colors in watercolors as a productive path toward self expression.

I like to paint abstract art and nature, landscapes, flowers and also portraits of people.  Each painting gives a feeling of what i imagine and see and is part of me.  As I paint, I reach back to my beginning of centering and find the answers within me.  Each new creation of the present keeps me moving on and leaving the past behind.

now in my retirement I enjoy doing art at my own pace.  My art helps me to heal, to be alive, and to be in the here and now and in touch with myself and my world.”