Matthew Kuhlers at Inman Perk Gainesville

Posted on January 12, 2011

Inman Perk Gainesville is excited to have a new young artist in our shop for the month of January.  Matthew Kuhlers is a 23 year old photography student from North Georgia Technical College.  “I never knew I was going to be a photographer until I started working at a job I didn’t like…I love pictures of everything and I have some experience in editing, why not go for photography?…I quit my job and enrolled in North Georgia Tech majoring in Photography…I have experience in both Photography itself and Digital Editing.  In addition, I’ve worked with Laurence London in shooting advertisements for the company Erin London.  My favorite subject to photograph is sports because it’s a moment in time where one person can really shine doing what they’ve worked so hard to accomplish.

I guess I could say that my biggest influence to all my photographs was my grandfather.  A world traveler, minister, and avid photographer, my grandfather always had his camera with him anytime we’d leave the city limits.  My work is produced for the benefit of other people that don’t get to travel to places I have been and the feedback I get from the people that have viewed my photos are the people that drive me to keep doing what I’m doing”.