Clay Sayre at Inman Perk Gainesville

Posted on October 4, 2010

Faces…..I have always been fascinated by faces.  How to take a face  and challenge it, manipulate it…or just allow it to tell it’s story with all  the faults, wrinkles, and vestiges of experience it has collected along  the way.  Every face does indeed tell a story.  A great deal of the things  I do deal with duality, be it opposites (good/evil, beauty/ugliness),  juxtaposition, or contrast.  As a long-time classic horror buff, I do  love to produce pieces based on classic film imagery as a starting  point, but I relish doing ordinary people as well as subject matter.

I enjoy using different media, be it charcoal, acrylic, oils or graphite  depending on the needs of the concept.  Plus, I guess I get bored if I  remain in one place too long.

I am an artist and a teacher and have no real way of separating the two.  I have always been drawn (no pun intended) to creative expression, and being able to teach is a gift.  I was lucky to have a guiding spirit (my grandfather) to push me into using and exploring my talents.  Therefore, I feel compelled to do the same.