Poet David Dowdy Pens Tribute to Inman Perk Gainesville

Posted on July 15, 2010

The guitar man sings

“you wear it well”

enjoying a rich

“cup a joe”

a couple of bucks

in the velvet

guitar case, dusk

with the characters

in Inman Park Coffee

hats and beards

seem the norm

tatoos and piercing


the loveseat and coffee table

make for a comfortable poem

the real carnation bouquet

isn’t the only thing

organic here

closing time

the music continues

I like this place

Dylan, Eagles, Beatles

busy, hurried workers

the girl with the mohawk

dressed for comfort

the other young and yet to

be acclaimated, pretty

in a international way

worn wood floors and bar

making their own fashion statement

chairs and tables ease the weary

large mirror

behind the chalk

a wall of windows

all sizes, etch the entrance

behind the stylish

floor to ceiling gate

ancient fancy ceiling

hold modern track lighting

“major Tom” closes the night

– David A. Dowdy “the peachstatepoet”