Artist Kathryn DiMenichi displays at intown location

Posted on November 9, 2009


Please view Kathryn’s paintings November 1-December 14, 2009.  From the artist:

I am fascinated with people’s choices and the very specific places we end up on the globe. We are all connected and constantly affecting one another. When I was a little girl I imagined that everyone left a trail of highlighted air behind them each with his own specific color.  Looking down at the world it would be possible to see how often paths crossed or near misses happened.

 There is an organic predestination to our lives; you and I changing each other though we’ve never met.  Outside influences contribute to our decisions.  Your driveway connects to my driveway. Think long-term, big picture from space. Think personal, single-family home.  A balance between knowing how tiny you are, and how much you affect.  Who are all these people? Who are you?

       This inspired a series of landscapes dominated by highways with various volumes of traffic.  I went further, painting highways from an aerial view, which became graphic and removed. The integration of portraiture brings intimacy and story to the landscape.  This intimacy is captured best from a live model.  I don’t trust a camera to tell me what is there.  Information traveling a short lively distance will contain mistakes and magic. 

       At the concept’s infancy I was preoccupied and barely paying attention to my own way.  I found myself in situations I would rather run away from.  I have been asleep behind the wheel.  Awake now, I have a strong and growing responsibility to myself and to the work.