Oct. artist Elizabeth D’Angelo at Inman Park location

Posted on October 6, 2009

 When I am making this work I feel like I am a conduit of universal love and universal pain.  I feel like I am connecting with something much larger than myself, a vastness, through these people and their gaze.  I guess the feeling comes from working in a state of flow, that mindless place where invention and magic happen.  This magic is where my symbols occur as well.  They spring up from living, exploring, playing, taking notice and from allowing things to unfold as they will with freedom.  The process of living is my inspiration: when my heart is open and directly connected to this vastness.1ElizabethDAngelo 

By carving into the wood I symbolically carve into the surface of exteriors, into the psyche, into thought, into what is just beneath the surface.  My figures are humans with all of the stories that they have carried around with them of who they are.  Yet, they are universals of all of our unmet needs, our struggles, our longings, our dreams, and our journeys.   With my carving I symbolically create openings for love, for pure unadulterated consciousness to fill and transform.  With my life and my art I hope to create jumping blocks for humans to transform past the suffering and into ways of living that are blissfull and untimately most aligned with love.