Aug. Artist at Inman Park: Christian Weaver

Posted on July 28, 2009

christian weaver Local Atlanta artist Christian Weaver has been creating art all of his life.   A member of the Shinnecock Indian Nation, Christian has a passion for native people and he focuses his work around indigenous cultures from around the world. 

Growing up in a loving family, “Home” was instilled as a place of strength, comfort, safety, and love.  This series, entitled “Home”  focuses on the living quarters of past Plains Indians, the tipi.  Though his ancestor resided in homes called “Wigwams”,  he chose the tipi because it is a recognizable symbol of native living. 

A passionate envirnonmentalist Christian often reuses old woods, metals, and canvas to create his art.  You will find different drawing and painting styles in this series, a reflection of the type of mood he is in when he begins to draw or paint.