Art by Rachel Q. Landers @ Inman Perk Gainesville!

Posted on May 29, 2009

Inman Perk Gainesville welcomes:



Tell Me A Story: Finding Your Way Through Abstract Art
“Artwork allowing for inner exploration and to encourage sharing with others to promote community.”
by Rachel Q. Landers

June 2009 @ Inman Perk Gainesville

More about Rachel:
Rachel Q. Landers earned a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art, with a concentration in Scientific Illustration from the University of Georgia in 2006. She currently lives in Gainesville, Georgia.
Rachel’s artwork, by moving away from realism, acknowledges that viewers bring a lexicon of experience and concurrent emotion to a painting. She would like her artwork to encourage discourse – facilitating storytelling and a sense of community. This holds a significant place in her art and philosophy.

Tying together aspects of life and nature with spirituality, Rachel creates mystery, in essence – pos sibilities. When creating her art, she feels it is challenging as well as freeing to accept change and adapt to what emerges. By layering perhaps unusual combinations of shapes and colors which contrast and resolve, her work represents life with its undulating tensions– and sometimes surprising beauty. She wishes to broaden her outlook visually as well as in day to day interactions. It is an optimistic process.