Nate Currin @ The Gainesville Square!

Posted on April 17, 2009

May 2, 2009 at 6:30 P.M. at the Gainesville Square!

Nate Currin

Nate Currin

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Nate Currin is a singer/songwriter who uses music to tell stories about life, love, and other emotional circumstances that affect us all. Nate blends contemporary folk, blues, acoustic rock, and radio pop styles into a singer/songwriter feel. Having shared the stage with many big names in the music industry, Nate is familiar with the big-time stage and what it takes to succeed.

Hailing from the north Atlanta area, Nate plays shows all over the southeastern U.S. from Florida, to the Carolinas, and occasionally even ventures to California to play the west coast. His following has grown through MySpace and other online music portals, and Nate has been featured on several music websites, online articles, and newspaper publications.

From the first time Nate touched a piano at the young age of 8, it was evident that his love and passion for music would grow. The untamed zeal at which Nate learned instruments, sang from his heart, and wrote lyrical prose finally sprung into performances in 2005.

Having played in several bands in the late 90’s in Florida, Nate returned home to his native Georgia some years back and began writing again after a prolonged hiatus. With his ancestry and roots in British lore and music, Nate began to spend multiple summers in England and Scotland soaking up the history, beauty, and legend. Thus his acoustic love took over and song after song began making their way out of his heart. The end of 2006 saw Nate, along with his band (thus the feature name of the Nate Currin Band) release his first EP, Another Long September that featured 4 songs and became a hit among the popular venues in the southeast US that Nate frequented.

In the meantime Nate had begun work on his first, full-length album, which would come to be known as The Darkest Sea. “It’s an album full of passion, full of release, full of longing”, describes Nate, “Much of the album was written as the beginning of a story years ago, and then several of the tracks were almost a recap, a retelling, and an end to the storytelling and so the work was complete.”