Art by Betsy @ Inman Perk Gainesville!

Posted on April 16, 2009

Atlanta-based artist Betsy Shank will be featured at Inman Perk Coffee’s Gainesville location during April and May.

Betsy Shank

Betsy Shank

About Betsy from

I believe there is something very unique and beautiful existing within us all. It is through the freedom of creativity that I find a new sense of what is within.

For me as an artist, the creative process is a simple and direct meeting with my heart. It is also a mysterious connection between my hands and the creative energy that moves me to paint. When I paint it is a celebration of this partnership, which is often expressed on the canvas with bursting colors and a variety of texture. Joy is the core of what I find when I create. I connect with something very alive and this becomes tangible to me immediately when I work. I enjoy using my fingers in addition to my brushes. This is how connected I feel when I create.

The beauty of nature and the wonderful diversity of creation have always been a great inspiration to me. This awareness is often explored in my paintings. I believe there is a union present among all life. I find the true beauty of art is discovering it within and beyond the very self. I think we can be living love and living color for each other. What we carry within us is a part of our own unique light of existence. I want to share this with others in a beautiful way. Through art, my hands become my living heart. This is why I paint.

Thank you for exploring my painting world. I hope my paintings have found a home within your heart.