Artist Ashil Parag now showing

Posted on December 9, 2008

Our Inman Park loaction is pleased to host the art work of the very talented Ashil Parag.  On view until January 15, 2009.   Artist statement: It is recognized in eastern philosophy that man’s ability to find balance and harmony with the universe separate us from the animals. It is our inherent nature which affords us reason, purpose and the power to respectively understand both. As a species, there is no question to the triumph of the evolutionary mind. We’ve built structures that rival the Tower of Babel, created virtual spaces that allow communication to people across the world in an instant, and marvel in our distinctions as we clone sheep. We continue to see deeper into the cosmos and aspire to inhabit Earth’s neighboring celestial bodies.
While we have so desperately gained to move forward in the sciences, it seems man is bewildered when introduced to the science of energy. If i were to identify this series of work with any singularity, it would be just that; the energy of self. At some point in our tenure, man deviated from recognizing that energy and this collection is about that man reconnecting with it. It’s about man investigating balance where there is an imbalance.