Encaustic Wax paintings by Sharon Lapin

Posted on February 10, 2008

The new Inman Park loaction of Inman Perk Coffee, at: 240 North Highland Ave, Suite H, is pleased to display the recent paintings of Atlanta artist Sharon Lapin. Her recent series is titled “Portals”. She describes the subject matter as, “ depicting private portals of thought. These pieces feature similar compositional arrangements while exploring considerably different themes. In each painting, a round-shaped threshold appears to invite the viewer inside, yet a pair of sentinels stand confrontationally and serve to prevent total immersion into these interior realms.”

Sharon paints on wooden cradleboards to provide a sturdy support for the main painting medium- encaustic wax. Painting with encaustic involves using a heated beeswax & resin mixture with pigment. At room tempurature, the paint is solid. When heated on an electric palette, it can be applied quickly to a wooden surface & reheated using a heat gun. Another common medium in her work is gouache. Gouache is similar to watercolor, in that it is a suspension of pigment in water. But, gouache is heavier and more opaque, with superior reflective qualities.